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SPEKTAKULATIV PICTURES was created by Lior Shamriz as a platform for the production of their films. Since 2002 we’ve produced dozens of experimental feature length and short films in Germany, Canada, Israel, the US, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. Our work featured in numerous film festivals and venues such as the MoMA in New York, Walker Art Center Minneapolis, Locarno Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Oberhausen Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, BAFICI, Frameline Film Festival and more. In addition to producing Shamriz’s films, SPEKTAKULATIV assists and contributes to film work by other film directors and artists. Our collaborators include Heinz Emigholz, Imri Kahn, Anna Zett, Kristof Trakal, Cary Cronenwett, Sebastian Bodirsky, Hanna Slak, Guillaume Cailleau, Ramzi Hibri, Inyoung Yeo, Stephen Geene, Chloe Griffin, Assaf Gidron, Ohal Grietzer, Naama Yuria, Kirsten Burger and performances by Carola Regnier, Hito Steyerl, Ye Soo Jeong, Wolfgang Müller, Constance Cooper, Tal Meiri and many others. Check out the production notes for a full list of contributors and collaborators.

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