drama / romance

The Cage

In this pseudo-noir story, a tale of a man coming back to their troubled home-town becomes a meditation on the queer body and the geography of identity. “I felt I had to take the story in this film away from its original setting and plant it in another land in order to maintain its integrity in an age of prevelant ‘pink washing’ and ‘art washing'” (Lior Shamriz).
The film’s unique language is the result of a special production method that included about 40 actors from Korea, Taiwan and Japan working in a process of improvisations and script. Actors improvised in their native tongues, since the sound was muted and replaced with music and narration. The result offers a new interpretation of ironic anti-camp artifice.


Wonmok Kim, Kiha Kwon, Won Taehee


Tokyo Interdisciplinary Art Film Festival