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Spring in the Park (the Cage)

This is in essence an assembly of two films by the director: 1) “Spring in the Park” (40 minutes, experimental documentary) is the story of a film director re-creating the pre-production process of his previous work.  As the locations are being re-visited and the story of an unfulfilled connection is being told, miscommunication with the crew […]


A recursive stage. Characters, personas, persons sharing rooms, each with their own story. Contemporary Los Angeles. An anti-spectacle.  

Spring in the Park

“Spring in the Park” (40 minutes, experimental documentary) is the story of a film director re-creating the pre-production process of his previous work.  As the locations are being re-visited and the story of an unfulfilled connection is being told, miscommunication with the crew grows. A film about a filmmaker making a film about a film […]


This work had so far two iterations, one in Seoul and one in Los Angeles. Seoul: Installation at SeMA Nanji. June 2017. Read more here . (scroll down for English). Los Angeles: Visual Artists Group Hollywood, Nov. 2017. Read more here. (background info, contracts with participants and more).     Meditating on the meaning of territory, nationhood […]

Fallen Blossoms

An essayistic tale alluding to a diffusion of queerness. Created by 3 different production modes, a substantial part of filming integrated public performances in a studio with a live audience. Pressbook is here. Production diary for the 2nd part is here. Director statement is here. Produced with support by Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard, PAM Residencies, Wolf Cinema […]

The Cage

In this pseudo-noir story, a tale of a man coming back to their troubled home-town becomes a meditation on the queer body and the geography of identity. I felt I had to take the story in this film away from its original setting and plant it in another land in order to maintain its integrity […]

Cancelled Faces

A man, striving for autonomy, in fear of being absorbed by his lover. Premiered at the Berlin Film Festival – Forum Expanded 2015. * Download the reader: English here, Korean here. * World Sales: Chinese Shadows Cancelled Faces from spektakulativ on Vimeo.

The Night

The cheap white sport socks of the man in front of me on the cue to Aldi’s cashier, reminded me of you. A short film based on a series of videoclips the director created for the music band Kreidler. Premiered at Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage 2015 The Night from spektakulativ on Vimeo.

L’amour Sauvage

Lost love, lost artistic collaboration, the two are meeting for one night as she briefly visits the city where he still lives. A short film with Alessio Bonnacorsi and Chloe Griffin. 25 minutes Premiered at the Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage 2014 where it received a special mention and toured with the festival program in about 50 cities around […]

Filmmaking as Performance

5 days performances at the California Institute of Arts. Collaboration with Kristof Trakal and others. Filmmaking as Performance – diary by Lior Shamriz Read Kristof’s account here.

The Present of Cinema

Stuck in the mise-en-abyme fuck yeah. 7 minutes. Commissioned by the Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage 2013. The Present Of Cinema from spektakulativ on Vimeo.

The Runaway Troupe of the Cartesian Theater

A person of undefined gender and ethnicity is sent by a German cultural institution to a city in China, where s/he experiences a cruel conspiracy against her/his loved one. 18 minutes Commissioned by the China Art Academy Hangzhou. Premiered at the Berlin Film Festival – Forum Expanded 2013 Download the presskit here.   The Runaway Troupe […]

A Low Life Mythology

An intellectual burlesque, this is love of two young artists in Berlin who pursue a place in the world. Supported by the Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard and the Bambi Foundation. Nominated to the German Preis der Nationalgalerie for young Film Art. A Low Life Mythology from spektakulativ on Vimeo.

Beyond Love and Companionship

Eleanor, an Israeli experimental musician living in Berlin, discovers what ruins her life: “I think that Germany is responsible for 9/11″. 18 minutes. Premiered as carte-blanche at a retrospective for the director at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. Received the 3sat Prize at the Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage. Beyond Love And Companionship from spektakulativ on Vimeo.

Mirrors For Princes

“All you want to do is dance and sing, but life is not dancing and singing all the time.” * 2010, 65 minutes, Sumer. A psychedelic life story of an immigrant from a village to the city and his son – an art student making videos. Presskit Director-Statement Mirrors For Princes from spektakulativ on Vimeo.

Saturn Returns

A tribute to Punk underground films turns into a melodrama. Lucy, a privileged North American in contemporary Berlin, living a life of post Punk hedonism, roams the streets with her best friend, Derek. Together they use the city like a playground, a stage, and a never ending party. Into their lives enters Galia, a young Israeli […]

The Magic Desk

A short film about a mother and a son. with Carola Regnier, Imri Kahn. Directed by Lior Shamriz. Berlin, 2008. Text Presentation The Magic Desk (short film, 2008) from spektakulativ on Vimeo.

Before The Flowers of Friendship Faded Friendship Faded

A meetings between three friends. In this short film the film’s soundtrack was fully composed and edited prior  to editing. Premiered at the Kunstfilmbiennale’s competition in Cologne, 2007. Before the Flowers of Friendship Faded Friendship Faded from spektakulativ on Vimeo.

Japan Japan

The film tells the story of Imri, who at 19 goes to live in Tel Aviv, but dreams of moving to Japan. Through their relationships and encounters and in diverse cinematic tools, we are introduced to the young person’s life. An exploration of living in the exotic city of Tel Aviv is presented through a […]